Here’s a Fact.

Everyone LOVES to receive homemade Gifts!


Well… Maybe not Everybody…

But People do love Wood!


It’s something about the texture and versatility that everyone from

Craftsmen and they everyday Joe can appreciate.

This last Christmas I wanted to both show off my newfound carpentry skills and save some money on buying gifts.


To ensure that people weren’t simply accepting my gifts out of social obligation, I needed creative wood projects that people would actually¬†use.


Just call me Kris Kringle!

Since I’m in such a giving mood, here’s


5 Woodworking Projects that Make AMAZING Gifts!

Everyone uses Coasters! Or at least us civilized people do…¬†

Coasters are the perfect gift because you can make a many as you need.

There is very little chance that people won’t use this new custom made gift.

For those who have friends that just can’t get enough cats, this is the Purr-fect gift for them!

For those who want to feel more lovey-dovey, you can make this decorative heart with only one short piece of wood!