What’s better than a cat that you don’t have to feed?

This makes the purr-fect gift for cat lovers.

To get started here’s a list of things that your going to need.

  • Plywood
  • Sander
  • Jig Saw
  • Drill
  • Paint
  • Wood Stain
  • Polyurethane

Step 1 – Outline Cat on Plywood


Draw the shape you want your cat to be.

Step 2 – Cut out the Kitty


Free your cat from her wooden prison using a jig saw.

Use clamps to keep the wood board still.

Step 3 – Drill out Eye Holes


This may sound gruesome…


But your cat is made of wood.


Make pencil marks where your eyes are going to go, select the best size drill bit. (I used a 1/2 inch drill bit)

Then clamp that cat  down and stat drilling!

Step 4 – Sand It!

I recommend using an electric sander to speed to the process.


I like my cats to have a smooth look so I round all the corners.


Step 5 – Torch/Burn Your Cat


A light scorching can do wonders for your cat’s texture.


Set your kitty against a piece of wood and burn in the direction of the wood grain.

This will leave some of the wood burned and some untouched.


Then clean off the ash with a bristle brush.

Step 6 – Paint/Stain The Cat


Now it’s time to add some color!

I recomend adding the paint before the stain. 

Paint within the non chared lines and wipe off any extra paint with a paper towel.

Then add your stain of choice and wipe it off with a paper towel as well.

Step 7 – Add A Protective Coat


Once your happy with the look of your kitty you can protect your cat with two coats of polyurethane.

First sand your kitty with a high grip paper like 300 grit.

Second paint a coat of polyurethane on your cat.

Then sand lightly until smooth and one final coat of polyurethane.  Now put your cat on a shelf or in the window and marvel n your newfound artistic ability.

Bonus you get to brag to anyone who visits about your new “low maintenance” feline friend.