Need a handmade gift that they will love AND is simple to make?


Coasters are perfect for this!

I’ll show you this simple method I used to make beautiful¬†coasters for my friends and family.


I’ll let you in on a secret…


You probably couldn’t tell but those coasters are made of simple plywood.

To get started here’s a list off everything that your going to need.

  • Ply wood
  • Wood Stain
  • Polyurethane
  • Sponge Brush
  • Sand Paper

Tools You Will Need

  • Chop-saw/Circular Saw
  • Router with straight bit
  • Electric Sander

Step 1: Cutting the wood

I recommend finding a coaster to base your size off of.

Outline the coaster a few times vertically on the plywood.

Cut along the line you created.

Here’s a great trick to save time.

Use that long rectangle shape that you just cut out to easily make more lines.


Then chop these long rectangles into squares.

Step 2 – Indent the coasters

This step is optional, but people really like this little hole to catch the water from the cup.

Using a small circular object, outline where the hole will go.

Your indent can be as deep as you want, mine is 1/8th of an inch.


Slowly insert your router into the wood and stay within the lines of your circle.


WARNING this part is very easy to mess up and cut more than you would like, so go very slow.

Step 3 – Sanding

At this point your coaster will looks a bit rough.

Time to fix that.

I find the best grit is 180 grit, although 120 and 220 work fine too.


When sanding sand the sides and all the corners to give a rounded smooth appearance. 

Step 4 – Staining

This is when you get to let your creative side out!


I recommend getting a light and dark stain. So you can add some variety in your coasters.


Step 5 – Add a Protective Layer

Once your happy with the look of your coasters add polyurethane to it. Now they will be protected from liquids.

I recommend applying two layers, and sanding between layers to ensure a smooth finish.


You did it!

All that’s left now is to give them to someone.